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*Soul Stars*

Spiritual Development & Support 


Children & Young People 

Is this a child or young person you know...?

Struggling to fit in & to cope with the 3D world?

Are super sensitive & overwhelmed by strong emotions?

Feels a loner & struggles to connect with others?

Spiritually enhanced, highly creative & gifted?

Appear wise beyond their years, an Indigo or Crystal Child?

Has a strong connection to the earth, angels energy, crystals, fairies?

Sound familiar? Parents, Carers, Teachers, Friends, we are here to help!

Why Join?....Because Every Little Soul is a Big Star...!

The Soul Star Groups will provide an outlet that enables children & young people to flourish, develop their gifts & spiritually grow in a conscious & safe way. These little souls simply have a different way being, a heightened sensitivity & are often very creatively bright. 


My whole career has been dedicated to working with children & young people.  In my work I come across so many young advanced souls who are truly tuned in, they operate in another dimension, are magical, gifted & have huge potential to shine!


Sadly though, they are often misunderstood, not able to fit in with others & struggle to navigate their way through.  They may have even experienced loss, separation, trauma & other life path events, which have result in them displaying emotional & behavioural problems. 

This leaves families, schools & communities struggling with no-where to get help. So through these groups we hope to support children to become more resilient & cope better with life.

Become A Soul Star Ambassador

Attend x6 Soul Star Groups!

Do acts of kindness for x3 people!

Do a campaign, event or raise money for charity!

Create your own meditation to read it out to others! 

Join Our Mission

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