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Lynette's Latest Blogs...

Once Upon A Time...

Let me bring your Story to life with my writing..

*Are you talented, but not so good at writing?

*Have you illustrated a book & need to put it into words?

*Would you like some guidance from me about your life path?

*Do you have a painting that needs it's story sharing?

*Have you drawn characters or pictures that need bringing to life?

                                                                  Lynette can help you create...


                                                                  Beautiful Blogs

                                                                  Peaceful Poems

                                                                  Sensational Stories 

                                                                  Fantastic Fairy Tales

                                                                  Short Stories for Art Exhibitions 

                                                                  Channeling for Paintings

                                                                  Creative Writing Pieces                                                                




  Cost  - Varies depending on project  

  Call for more info - 07976 39681

  E-mail for more info -



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