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Dancing Solo...

Updated: Aug 21, 2019

"I pause, I breathe, my thoughts I gather & retrieve...

I hold a poised stance,

I know it is time, it is my chance,

I am ready to BELLY DANCE!

Sometimes I don't know where to start,

So I let go, as I delve into this sacred art,

Showcasing what I feel lies in my heart,

My nerves are restless,

I hope the crowd can't guess this,

I'm on the bill, I have been listed,

My spirit hears the music & is instantly uplifted,

To feel the drums, to capture the beat,

The vibration stirs underneath my feet,

I am connected to the ground,

I hear the cue to move to the sound,

I glance at the audience all around......

The music takes me on a journey,

My movements capture the story,

And play it out in all it's glory,

With presence & grace,

I move my body & pick up the pace....

The coins, the bling, the shine & the shimmer,

The spotlight makes me glimmer,

The ups, the downs, the fast, the slow,

I am in the performance, I am the show,

Let's continue to go with the flow,

The beautiful swirls,

The amazing twirls,

The sensual hips,

The rise & the dips

The strong arms,

The cheeky charms,

The smiles that reach for miles,

The cheers that ring through my ears,

To hear the sound of the Zaghareet,

What a musical treat!

As it draws to a close,

I take my final pose,

Then I feel the loving vibe,

From my belly dance tribe!

Lynette Fryer

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