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The Quest...

My stomachs churning, my heads a mess,

I am trying to do my absolute best,

Yet why is it that I still feel this deep unrest?

The quest I feel is not yet reached,

For best I learn, when there is no-one to teach,

Myself I have to understand,

Without grandeur, boldness or a full brass band!

It is obvious to one, who sees inside,

You move to the rhythm of the tide,

The ebb, the flow, the fast, the slow,

Your life echoes the balance that we all face,

It reflects what occurs in the human race,

We strive, we push, we crawl and we fall,

But in them magic moments sometimes we stand tall,

Nothing and everything is perfect as it is,

It is not a spot prize, a game show or a quiz,

The balance and harmony that we seek dwells in the soft streams,

The rough troughs and the high peaks, our life dreams,

For it is not magic that etches the patterns in the sand,

It is all that we receive and hold in our hands,

But the moment still feels unperfect does it not?

But to whom do you measure the story line or plot?

Your universe is our universe,

Through every rhyme, rhythm and verse,

Energy moves in mysterious ways,

To untangle and unpick can take years, months or days,

You are capable of achieving harmony in accordance with spiritual laws,

You must wake up to its many turning keys and opening doors,

Through truths you will find answers, through answers you will find truths,

The interwoven cosmic web is strengthened by the minute

And you play the biggest part,

When you truly step into your heart,

Always when you remain in that place you are connected,

You will never feel alone and rejected,

As you travel through the matrix of conscious energy

You will always be held in the rightful and special place,

To impart your souls essence into the human race!

Love and Light, Lynette x

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